Identity: in the midst of changes

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I had an interesting moment tonight. I was sitting at a table full of girls, chatting after a long week of work. When a simple observation was made. At one end of the table sat the married “older” women and the other end of the table sat the “younger” single ladies.

It took me a moment to realize that I was in the category of “older” married women. After 30 years of being single and only 3 months of being married, I have to remind myself that I am now in the married category. And after the past decade of being the younger 20-something girl, I am now the “older” 30-something girl.

While I may need a moment to realize this, I honestly don’t mind the categories I find myself in. I actually love it. I was excited to enter my thirties. I absolutely love being married. It’s simply a new identity for me. “Married and older”.

When I pause to think about it, a lot of my identity has changed recently. Single to married. 20s to 30s. Virginian to Bostonian. Public school teacher to Private school teacher. Church member to Pastor’s wife.

That is quite a list. A simple comment from tonight reminded me of all of these changes.

Yet, has my identity really changed that much? These are all outward changes of my identity. And yes, with each change comes adjustments. I would be the first to acknowledge that my life has been full of adjustments recently. However, I do not feel like my identity has changed that drastically. Not in the sense of what truly matters.

For God has given me an identity that will not change. The year before I met Stephen, God spoke a specific word into my life. Instead of New Year’s resolutions that I would soon quickly forget, God gave me one word to focus on for that year. Beloved.

What is my identity? God’s Beloved. What was my identity before I meet my husband? Beloved. What is my identity now that I am married and in the midst of all of these life changes? Beloved.

What does that mean to be the beloved of the God?
greatly loved; dear to the heart.
a person who is greatly loved.

1. cherished, precious; sweet, darling.

A person who is greatly loved. What does this simple definition mean in my life? I am greatly loved. I am precious to Him. I am cherished in God’s sight. I am completely accepted. He rejoices over me with singing. He takes great delight in me. His love for me is perfect.

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.” Deuteronomy 33:12

I can rest in the Lord’s love. There is no need for striving, performing, or earning of love and approval. I can rest secure in Him for I am loved and accepted. My God will shield me.

“The one the Lord loves”. As I continue to adjust and navigate through all the changes in my life, my simple prayer is that I continue to rest securely in my identity as God’s beloved.

Author: rebekahnyakairu

I am a writer, runner, wife, and loved by God. His love defines my life.

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