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Congratulations dear husband!


I am one proud wife! A week ago my husband graduated from Emerson College with a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism.

When I told my second graders that Mr. Nyakairu was graduating on Sunday, one little girl said with great surprise “your husband hasn’t graduated yet?!” Her surprised reaction changed to an impressed “wow” after I explained that it was in fact my husband’s fifth graduation.

1. Shoreline Community College

2. Bachelors degree in Religious Studies at Seattle Pacific University

3. Masters of Divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

4. Masters of Theology in Preaching from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

5. Masters of Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College

My husband loves to study, learn, and grow. He is constantly listening to podcasts and books to grow as a leader.

When Stephen was in seminary, he would get up early in the morning to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. He knew that Haddon Robinson, a professor of preaching and interim president of Gordon Conwell, would be there. Stephen would join Dr. Robinson for breakfast. My husband surrounds himself with great leaders. Dr. Robinson would give Stephen tapes of his sermons. Stephen would listen to these tapes to learn and grow from a great preacher and leader.

My husband is a pastor. Why did he get a degree in Broadcast Journalism? Dr. Robinson was actually the one who suggested this degree to Stephen. One logical step after the seminary degrees would be to continue on for a PhD. Yet another option that Dr. Robinson suggested was to pursue a degree in communications. Stephen learned Greek, Hebrew, and studied the Bible in great detail in seminary. Even after graduation, he continued to go back  to seminary each semester for one free class.

My husband’s passion is for people to experience a changed life through knowing God and His Word. His desire is to preach and teach in a clear, compelling manner. This Broadcast Journalism degree allowed my husband to grow as a communicator in his speaking and writing.

Graduating from Gordon Conwell and Emerson College allowed my husband to have strong credentials in both the secular and christian world.

I am proud of my husband. I am proud of who he is as a pastor and leader. I am proud of his accomplishment in graduating from Emerson.

What I love most about my husband is his heart. His prayer and desire is that God uses all of his life experiences, education, and knowledge for His glory and to further His kingdom. I look forward to seeing how God continues to use my husband!


Side Note: Now that my husband has graduated, he will have more time to write on his blog. You can check him out at

A big thank you to all of our family and friends who joined us for this celebration! I am grateful that Stephen continued to go back to school so I could finally be at one of his graduations as his wife!


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Happy Wedding Anniversary, my dear friend!


Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!
It is hard to believe it has only been two short years since your wedding. May your and Anthony’s love for one another continue to grow deeper and fuller over every passing year.

In honor of your second wedding anniversary, I decided to share my maid of honor speech and one of my favorite pictures of us together on your special day. I love you!

Maid of Honor Speech
I am so grateful for Jamee’s friendship. We became friends over five years ago after we met at a tea party Jamee hosted. Since then we have shared many cups of tea as we have talked, cried and prayed together. We have been in bible studies together, traveled on missions trips together and been roommates. We have seen each other through some difficult seasons and most importantly seen God at work in each other’s lives.

So over three years ago, I remember Jamee planning a worship night for her bible study. Well, this guy Anthony shows up at Jamee’s house so we can all carpool together. I had just met Anthony, yet during the car ride Anthony was in the backseat with his guitar practically serenading us in his goofy sort of way. I remember thinking “who is this guy?”

Yet, it quickly became very apparent as the evening went on that Jamee and Anthony were interested in each other. I vividly remember getting emotional at the end of that evening because the romantic in me knew that Jamee and Anthony would be getting married one day. Little did I know it would take over three years for this day to happen… but I was right!

Now Anthony seemed like a great guy but how did I feel about him dating my best friend? I think the time I really started to like him was the day Jamee and Anthony showed up to help me move. Not only did Anthony help me move heavy boxes and furniture, he also showed up with bananas and a present. Two things I love. Smart man.

It has been wonderful to watch Jamee and Anthony together and how much they just enjoy each other’s company. I love how relaxed Jamee is when she is with Anthony.
I cannot think of two people who love excel spreadsheets more than them. Most importantly, I have loved watching all that God has done in their relationship from bringing them together as friends and now as a married couple.

Anthony, some advice for you…
1. When Jamee is sick, don’t offer her saltines. She would much rather have meat. You have married a special girl. I don’t know any other woman who loves meat as much as Jamee.
2. Make sure you give Jamee at least half of the closet space. This is very important as I hear you have a lot of clothes.
3. If Jamee is watching Pride and Prejudice with a cup of tea and cookies, know that it was probably a very rough day.
4. Every now and then, invite me over for dinner.

My most important advice is to simply pursue God first and foremost. I know that if you are pursuing God above work, above Jamee, above everything else, you will be an amazing husband. I trust that as God leads you; you will take care of my dear friend.

Jamee, my advice for you….

1. Listen and get excited about all the details that matter to Anthony.
2. If you ever need someone to watch Pride and Prejudice with you, I am five minutes away.

My most important advice is to continue what you have done so faithfully within this dating relationship. You waited on God. You continued to put Him first. You fully surrendered Anthony to Him. You prayed faithfully for Anthony. Continue in this, my dear friend.

I am overwhelmed with God’ abundant goodness in bringing you both together. May His hand of blessing be upon your marriage. I love you both. Congratulations!