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God in the details


God cares about the details of our lives. I am reminded of this truth again and again. God cares not only about the big decisions of your life, He is also interested in all the little details that make up your everyday life.

The last few days in Boston have been hot and humid. Summer is here. This evening when I stepped outside, I noticed that the temperature had dropped. I felt a cool ocean breeze. It was a perfect summer evening. My husband and I quickly decided to go for a walk and enjoy some time together. At one point early on in our walk, we passed a middle age man who was talking with a younger man as they walked. After we passed them, Stephen declared he had seen the taller gentleman before at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. The seminary that my husband graduated from is an hour away from where we live.

We walked for a few miles and made a stop at a local ice cream shop to share some ice cream. Because what is a perfect summer evening without some ice cream? Towards the end of our walk, we happened to pass the same two men again. When Stephen spoke to them, connections were discovered and introductions were made. As we talked, it quickly became apparent that God was using our conversation to encourage each one of us.

Later as we walked home, I had a huge smile on my face. Wow, how God loves us! What I thought was simply a spontaneous walk on a summer evening, had a much greater purpose. God is in the details of our life!

How have you seen God recently in the details of your everyday life?