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Our First Christmas: Part 1

The best part of the entire season was the gift of my husband. A year ago we had just started dating. Now here we are enjoying the beauty of marriage. Life is better together. We are overwhelmed with God’s pure goodness and generosity in giving us each other. The gift of marriage.
Christmas is about God’s generosity. God sent His son Jesus to earth. So we may know Him, love Him, and worship Him. Thank you Abba Father for your many gifts of love to us. Thank you for Christ Jesus!
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One cold Saturday evening, my husband and I went running together near our home. We ended up at a Christmas Tree stand. I stood back as my husband bargained for the perfect tree. I loved every minute. We carried our Christmas tree home together. We decorated our first tree while drinking hot chocolate. Stephen hung the lights perfectly and I enjoyed hanging the ornaments. We love sitting on our couch, enjoying the warmth of the lights and the beauty of our tree.
We bundled up one cold winter evening and went Christmas caroling. We sang carols with my students while walking through the cobblestone streets in Boston. In my eyes, it was magical. The lampposts were decorated with red bows, Christmas wreaths hung on every door, and the children were full of Christmas joy. I appreciated my husband’s deep and beautiful singing voice as we sang Christmas carols.
Is there anything better than making Christmas cookies during the holiday season? We started our first annual Christmas cookie making tradition with some good friends. The six of us had fun in the kitchen baking, talking, and creating memories together. Drinking hot chocolate, the smells of freshly baked cookies, and the sounds of laughter carried us late into the evening hours.
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My wonderful husband took me to a cute Irish pub that was decorated for the holidays. Stephen was also my date to my staff Christmas party. I loved having my husband by my side as we attended our first party together.
We tried a new Italian restaurant with our friends Mikala and Tom. When we first moved in they brought us dinner, hung pictures, and spent hours helping us put our home together. True friendship in action.

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Our First Christmas: Part 2

My first Christmas Eve service was a beautiful experience. As we stood in a circle with lit candles singing Silent Night, the beauty of the candles shone forth in the dark of the night. I stood there taking in each person’s face, the beauty of the old church building, and reflecting on the words we were singing…
Son of God, love’s pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
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We stopped by a couple Christmas Eve parties and spent time with friends. It was a delightful and quiet Christmas morning as we made brunch together and opened presents. We drove down New York for a wonderful Christmas dinner, presents, and time with family.
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Stephen got to experience a loud, feisty Italian Christmas at my Grandma’s house. Our competitive nature comes out during our white elephant gift exchange and playing card games! We began the evening with our homemade spaghetti dinner. Stephen helped Grandma made the homemade orecchiette. Delicious.

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 Merry Christmas from the Nyakairus!