One Year Ago

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One year ago today my life changed forever.

I was still single. I had not yet met my husband.

I had spent the day watching Downton Abbey with my best friend as I recovered from a sinus lift surgery. Before I went to bed that night, I noticed an email from e-harmony. I logged in, expecting it would take a brief minute to check out the guy’s profile and quickly dismissed him.

God surprised me. The first thing I thought was… “I have seen this picture before!” A couple weeks earlier, a random profile picture had caught my eye… the contrast of this guy’s bright blue shirt against his brown skin, his genuine white smile, and the confidence he portrayed made for a striking photo.

As I read through his profile, I was amazed by all that we had in common. We shared a passion for God, a love for people, and an enjoyment of being active. And then there were random details like a love of gospel music. I was touched with how his profile was infused with a love for God.

As I read, God stirred my heart and reminded me of desires He had placed there years earlier. While many girls may have been nervous seeing the job status of pastor, my heart responded with a desire to support and love a man in ministry. A man from Africa. My heart had been captured with a love of Africa when I traveled there years earlier on a missions trip.

Only God. Only God could have so designed my husband and I to be a perfect fit for one another. Only God could have brought us together through e-harmony. Only God could have spoken to my heart when I first read this guy’s profile. Only God could have given me insight that this may be the one He had for me.

One year ago, I was reading Stephen Nyakairu’s e-harmony profile. One year later, I am his wife. Happily married for over three months. Mrs. Nyakairu.

Only God in His perfect timing. Only God could have brought us together. A boy from Africa and a girl from New York. Only God could so dramatically change our lives in one short year. Only God.

Author: rebekahnyakairu

I am a writer, runner, wife, and loved by God. His love defines my life.

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